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Skills For Freedom Newsletter Advertising

Why Newsletter Advertising


Email newsletter advertising is one of the best ways to get qualified leads and sales. Why?

  1. Highly engaged readership

  2. Instant authority and trust

  3. Targeted audience reach

  4. SEO benefits with back-links from high traffic website

  5. Long term exposure to future readers of past issues

  6. Email marketing and instant traffic



About Skills for Freedom Newsletter


The Skills for Freedom Newsletter is a weekly newsletter published by Webpreneur Media targeted to web entrepreneurs, online marketers, and home based business owners.

This newsletter was started in November, 2020 and it's quickly growing in the online marketing and home based business community. We've been serving to the online marketing community for over 20 years. As a marketing agency serving the home based business community, we've earned their trust and readership.

Readership, Demographics, Statistics:

  • Email Subscribers - 1400+ double opt-in subscribers and growing.

  • Social Media Followers - 2200 Facebook, 9,000+ Twitter, 24,000 Linkedin followers.

  • Countries - US, Canada, UK, AU and New Zealand subscribers 90%+

  • Interests - Home based business, online marketing, digital marketing

  • Delivery - Email, and web-based

  • Exposure - Email, 45%+ open rates per mailing. Web based, 7K+ impressions per month. Social Media likes and more.

Types Of Sponsorship:

1. Native Ad & Review. We can write a 1000 word article format that will highlight the benefits and features of your product. Distribute it on our newsletter and publish it online for long term exposure. [View a sample on our newsletter]

2. Text Ad. Display your 100 word text and image based ad on our newsletter, in between articles and tips. We publish our weekly issue every Wednesday at 10AM CST.

3. Banner Ad. 728X90pix banner on our newsletter email and web version. The banner stays active on the issue for 1 year.

Advertising Source


Advertising Type

Text Ad
Banner Ad

90% Traffic from

USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland

Tracking & Reporting

Provide your own 3rd party tracking

Banner Advertising
(per Issue)


Banner Design
Email, Web-based, Social Media
1 Issue published on Wednesday
Bottom Fold Sponsors Area

Text Advertising
(per Issue)


Ad Design
100 Word Text Ad
Email, Web-based, Social Media
1 Issue published on Wednesday
Between Articles & Tips

Article Review
(per Issue)


Article Review Writing
1000 word article/review with images
Email, Web-based, Social Media
1 Issue published on Wednesday
Featured Article & Images

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