Hey it's Abe,


I am just getting started with publishing "Skills For Freedom" Newsletter. Don't worry because I'll be adding newly published newsletters in this area every single week.

I had a newsletter called "Weekly Tips" for over 6 years, from 2005 to 2011. In 2011, when I sold my first online marketing company, the newsletter went with it.

I love publishing newsletters. Most days I spend hours reading and learning new things in the Digital Marketing space and I find important information, tools, tips, and resources things that most people miss.


I decided to start "Skills For Freedom" Newsletter because there is a need for it. Most online marketers are busy doing their daily activities that will generate cash flow for their business. They hardly get the time to keep up with the latest and the greatest resources that could make their life easier, and richer.

I decided to start this newsletter to help those busy marketers, save money, and become more efficient growing their business.

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Thank you for your time, attention, and support.