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Adclickmedia Review

I get lots of questions from bloggers who are trying to grow their blogs, and more than anything else they want to know about making money with blogging.

I've been working with AdClickmedia for a few months and it's been really great. One of the main reasons I like this network is because it offers a wide range of benefits for content creators and advertisers. Some networks ignore smaller blogs and only work with bigger ones, but AdClickMedia gives everyone the opportunity to join in!

Here is my review on Adclickmedia Ad Network:

What is Adclickmedia Ad Network?

CPA Ad Network
Ad Network

Adclickmedia is an Advertising and Affiliate Network. An ad network is a platform that allows you to display adverts on their website and in return, they will share a portion of the revenue they earn from displaying your adverts on their website.

Adclickmedia help publishers earn money from displaying their adverts on their website and they help advertisers in paying only when their adverts get displayed and in return, they receive a cut of the revenue earned.

CPA & PPC for Publishers & Advertisers

PPC Ad Network
CPA & PPC Ad Network

Majority of Ad Networks offer only one type of advertising, they either offer CPA (Cost-Per-Action) or PPC (Pay-Per-Click) to their advertisers and publishers. As a blogger, I was thrilled to know that Adclickmedia offers both CPA & PPC for their publishers.

CPA (Cost-Per-Action)

Cost Per Action allows Publishers to get paid for leads and sales. The payout for CPA is obviously much higher with Adclickmedia, and there are hundreds