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A book for affiliate marketers by Dean Holland is offering proven tips for helping entrepreneurs to achieve success online. For beginners to the field, it can be hard to know which products to sell and what marketing strategies to employ. The book helps beginners to avoid mistakes and improve their revenue.

The book explains that traditional approaches to affiliate marketing can be difficult to succeed in. This is because the most successful affiliates, sometimes referred to as “super affiliates”, dominate the leadership boards.

They have a huge email list and big spending power, making it difficult to compete. The market can often be saturated with these experts, leaving no room for beginners.

So what exactly is the Iceberg Effect?

Well to answer this let’s go over the old way of affiliate marketing. You find an offer on a site. Then you set up an optin page and email campaign, drive traffic to an offer and maybe you get some sales. But those customers are now customers of the person’s product they just bought. Now they will receive follow up emails and offers from THAT person.

And since you’re likely going to continue promoting the same offer that they just bought, they might lose interest in YOU.

And now when your customer goes and buys a more expensive product from that person you sent them, they receive 100% of the sale

And you get NOTHING!

As an affiliate, you’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg for the product you’re promoting. You don’t get to see and reap the rewards of everything going on under the surface.

So The Iceberg Effect Claims another victim!

However there is a solution as outlined by Dean Holland, which revolves around selling through a new and proven system. The benefit of this is that affiliates can plug right into the system and they don’t personally have to sell anything.

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