Review for The 30 Minute Work Day

What is 30 Minute Workday?

The 30 Minute Workday marketing system was created by Nick Bramble to help online entrepreneurs to have a simple systematic approach to marketing online.

In it, he provides his two decades worth of education about how to understand the psychology behind how online marketing works, as well as the tactical knowledge and steps required to succeed with an online business.

The 30 Minute Workday system provides free lifetime access to the the 30 Minute Workday membership site, as well as free access to Nick’s 183 page ebook that explains "How to Make Your First $100,000 Online in as Little as 30 Minutes Per Day" , With Just 3 Super Simple PROVEN Steps.

Inside the Membership Website, you will find 3 distinct sections called ‘Phases’:

Phase I

It’s a Step by Step process to Set-Up your All Done For You Sales Funnel to start making money right away. Each steps is detailed in a video so you know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Phase II

It’s a complete teaching to give you the SKILL to make money online FOR LIFE by using a simple step by step process.

Phase III

It’s more like a bonus section where you going to learn how to keep, grow, and multiply every dollar that you make, on demand.

In the worst case scenario, if you don’t want to do anything with all the stuff you can learn, you just have to set-up the system and drive traffic to your capture page. But don’t worry because there is also instructions to get Easy traffic. You are cover from A to Z to make your First commission Online.

It’s not a Get Rich Quick Push Button B.S. but you can relatively make a descent income in a really short amount of time by doing nothing else than to follow the step by step process.

In the system you gonna use 2 tools which are needed for whatever business on the internet.

  • An Autoresponder

  • A Funnel Builder

In the 30 Minute Workday System we use GetResponse, one of the most popular autoresponders, and HBA Funnel Builder which is very easy to use and much more affordable than ClickFunnel.

This 2 tools have a monthly membership fee

  • GetResponse $15 / month

  • HBA Funnel Builder $25 / month

There is also an Upsell for HBA Premium membership, which is a full access to the Home Business Academy with a lot of content on How to build a business Online but also an access to the HBA community. You’re not alone !

Those 2 tools have each an affiliate program. That mean that you’re gonna win a commission each time you refer somebody to it. But you don’t need to worry about that because remember, it’s all done for you with a step by step process to set it up.

  • GetResponse give you a 33% commission so $5 / month

  • HBA give an incredible 80% commission so $20 / month for HBA funnel Builder and $100 / month for HBA Premium (if you’re a HBA Premium member yourself)

Now… Can you see the potential of this system which by the way is profitable for everybody, because of its rich content.

If you have 20 referrals, JUST 20, ((125×20)-165) = $2,335

And once again it’s not a one time commission, it’s a residual income so $2,335 / month as long as your referrals are members.

But think about it one second, if you show them how to do the same as you, why would they stop their membership, and because the membership is really worth what you pay for, you don’t loose any credibility.

With just this system alone you can have a nice monthly income, but if you apply what you learn in the process and create multiple sales funnel… I let you imagine what kind of income you can create.


The 30 Minute Workday is the most convenient and the most easy to follow Affiliate Marketing System ever made and it’s totally FREE.

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