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Setting Up YouTube For Success

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Hello and welcome!

This video is part of "Magnetic Webpreneurs Mentoring & Coaching Program" by Abe Cherian and myself Martha Cherian... where we help you attract your ideal tribe, empower them, and succeed with your online business.

In this session, we'll be walking you through How To attract and Build an engaged audience using Youtube.


  1. Twitter scope and potential. Stats and numbers

  2. How to create a youtube channel to grow your brand and make money

In our next session, we'll be going over engagement boosting activities for social media. We'll also help you find the ideal contents that speaks directly to your audience.

Also we will create a schedule for your social media promotions and sharing in our next session.

If you are one of our "Magnetic Webpreneur" coaching student, Abe or myself will see you in our next session.

Until then, be magnetic!

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