Session 2 - Marketing Magnet

Organic Social Media Strategies To Boost Engagement

To Do List

Boost Social Media Engagement

Step 1:  Watch the video above
Step 2: Download Social Media Content Planner
Step 3: Do daily tasks mentioned on the video
Step 4: Use our guides: building Action Guide, Check List, Content Planner
Step 5: Read "How to create 64 Pieces of content in one day" - by Gary Vaynerchuck


For this section

Social Media Content Planner: Download and save this Daily Social Media Planner. Save this on your computer. Excel file.
Good Karma Business: Join this free Facebook Group to learn everything about how to boost your facebook engagement
Confidence On Camera: join this Facebook Group to learn and practice doing videos and lives.
64 Pieces Of Content In A Day: Gary Vaynerchuck's "How to create 64 pieces of content in one day" is a great resource showing you how to grow on social media fast.
Friend Filter: Automated Facebook management tool

Hello and welcome!

This video is part of "Magnetic Webpreneurs Mentoring & Coaching Program" by Abe Cherian and myself Martha Cherian... where we help you package, design, and market your business and personal brand -- that will support the lifestyle that you want.


  1. Grow your business using Facebook 101

  2. How to create endless amount of content

Points to mention:

  1. Your only goal with Social Media is to build an audience and build relationships with them.

  2. You cannot directly sell to people on Social Media just like in real life, you cannot walk into a room and pitch to people.

  3. What is engagement on Social Media?

  4. Why is engagement important?

  5. How do you get engagement on Social Media?

  6. Post appropriately for different platforms.
    Facebook: Personal

  7. Practice authenticity.

  8. Figure out what your core message in to the world

  9. Write down all the subjects you want to share

  10. Do not go too much off topic.

  11. Let people in to your life by sharing your personal stuff.

  12. Learn to tell stories.

  13. Share your successes

  14. Share your failures and challenges.

  15. Ask questions.

  16. Always post images. Try not to use stock images. Your own photos will get more engagement.

  17. Consistency is key. Post once every day. No more than two posts per day.

  18. Like and comment on posts on your newsfeed daily.

  19. Reserve 1 to 2 hours every single day for social media engagement.

  20. Write down ideas that you can share when you learn something new.

  21. Read books that will give you value so that you can share value.

  22. Do videos and lives on social media.

Daily Social Media Tasks:

  1. Come up with a central theme write a post. Write it in an informal tone for Facebook, professional tone for Linkedin, Images for Instagram, Shorter version for Twitter.

  2. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram early in the morning (7AM to 9AM) or late evenings (8PM to 10 PM).

  3. Learn to do live videos and videos online.

  4. Engage (Like and comment) with 50 people on your newsfeed every day.

  5. Reply to the comment that you get on your posts as fast as possible. Do not scroll too fast and copy and paste replies. Take your time... FB algorithms know your browsing behavior and will punish you for it by not showing your posts to others.

  6. Do 10 to 20 new friend requests per day. Make sure that you go over their feed and make sure that they are active on their page.

  7. Once a month, use automated software to remove people who are not engaging with you. Or do it manually.

  8. Join 10 groups (open groups) with over 10K members and post your daily posts to them daily.

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